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Privacy Policy

The content hosted on ibondcalc.info is hereinafter referred to as the "web site."

At no point is the form data you provide to the web site transmitted to nor shared with a third party.

The web site itself does not store user data. End user queries to the web site are processed ephemerally in memory by the server as ordinary HTTP POST data and are not retained. Such queries include user-supplied form data and similar request identifiers. Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) to the web site are anonymous and not tied to any particular user.

The web site uses third-party cookies as well as the following third-party data processors:

Processors and Purposes
Third-Party Name Privacy Policy Purpose
Google AdSense Google's Privacy Policy Recover revenue for web site operation
Google Analytics Google's Privacy Policy Understand the user base

You can consult their respective privacy policies for the exact terms and stipulations. If you are unsatisfied with these terms, please leave the web site.